T-Kartor creates and maintains geographical information, maps and charts. We develop solutions to deliver data, information and products in innovative ways.

Our geospatial solutions include our flagship implementation for the Norwegian Defence: GT, a highly secure online portal for distribution to thousands of rule-based users, at base and in the field.

We create and maintain navigational charts for our defence customers, maintaining a seamless cartographic database for rapid, flexible chart production in any format.

We provide world-class cities with public transport and city wayfinding information, creating a seamless basemap from which to produce consistent, up-to-date information across a range of media.

Outsourced Map Production
City Wayfinding
Public Transport Information

Geospatial Solutions

T-Kartor has developed services and platforms to provide highly secure online delivery of geospatial information.
Examples are GT, a core part of the Norwegian concept Defence as a Platform (DaaP) delivered in 2015, and SIGRID which extends this system with web/native 3D clients integrated with multi-intellegence data.

Outsourced Map Production

T-Kartor’s unique production system produces any type of map or chart on paper or any digital format for Aero, Hydro or Topo.
This allows for rapid, reliable and extremely cost effective production of maps and charts on paper or digital, routinely produced or available quickly in a ‘product-on-demand’ contingency environment.
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City Wayfinding

T-Kartor produces City Wayfinding and Integrated Public Transport information to help people navigate their way through the city in a sustainable way.
Our best practice experience helps create Connected Cities with improved public spaces by encouraging walking, cycling and public transport.
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Public Transport information

T-Kartor provides legible, understandable passenger information with the power to influence behaviour and increase passenger volumes.
We have over 15 years experience providing public transport information, with customers including London, New York and Paris.