Key Account Manager

T-Kartor Group is looking for a Key Account Manager/Project Manager with responsibility for the Norwegian market. With strong support from the head office in Kristianstad, the task will be to drive the Norwegian market forward by actively searching for leads and public procurements.

The role includes responsibility for a Norwegian team of 2-5 technical developers. Good references for T-Kartor’s operations are found mainly in the Norwegian defence through the installation and maintenance of GIMS (GT) Geographic Information Management System and the production of aeronautical charts for many years. T-Kartor develops software and GIS systems in combination with “big data” and map production.

Position: Key Account Manager

Place of employment: Oslo

Type of employment: Full time

Application due date: Nov 30, 2020

Our business areas:

The product GIMS (GT) Geographic Information Management System – Is used by the Norwegian defence and has been operational for over three years. The system is also suitable for use by government and business organisations where control is needed over their own information and large amounts of data. The system makes it possible to efficiently catalog, find, distribute and print information for decision making using a core database.

The related TAPPZ (T-Maps App zone) services are cloud based map services that can be subscribed to. There are several services on offer and development is flexible and rapid in this area.

Map Production – T-Kartor are experts in City Wayfinding and produce information material for many cities where the largest are London, New York and Toronto. Map production is also carried out in specialised areas such as Nautical, Aeronautical and Topographic charts and maps.
In parallel with the above, our employees are offered as consultants within organisations that need more strategic development through agile methods.

T-Kartor’s organisation includes companies for each area of expertise:
• T-Kartor Geospatial (GIMS)
• T-Kartor Content Management (City Wayfinding)
• TAPPZ (App Zone)

The CEO of each company will have close contact and dialogue with the Norwegian Key Account Manager when developing or installing solutions for the Norwegian market. It is of great importance to gather information about and monitor the Norwegian market so that T-Kartor is always an attractive alternative. Our strong references and fully developed systems offer projects good conditions and small risks.

Other information

  • Start: Immediate start, we´re interviewing on an ongoing basis.
  • Work extent: Full time
  • Location: Oslo
  • Contact information:

We create and maintain geographical information, maps and charts – and always strive to develop innovative solutions.

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