Aeronautical Chart Production

Since 2004 T-Kartor has won continuous classified contracts for outsourced aeronautical production to FMGT (the Norwegian Defence Geospatial Department). Current contract value is $4 million for seven years.

Creation and continuous maintenance of a seamless geospatial database, based on multiple sources, covering 6.209.990 sqkm, with continuous production of Low Flying Charts, Enroute Serie 6 and 7 and digital rasters optimized for each moving map system including CADRG. All products are delivered every AIRAC-cycle, The production is based on EC regulation 73/2010 and Norwegian Defence Quality Regulations based on NATO AQAP 2120 Ed3 and ACMP-2100 EdA V.

T-Kartor deliver >10.000 products/year including responsibility for the quality and delivery of printed maps, including continuous analyses and creation of NOTAM (Notice to Airman), handling >100.000 updates and producing >100 NOTAMs/year.

In 2019 FMGT will go over to Print-on-Demand and products will be delivered through our integrated secure Geoportal GT, accredited up to NATO secret, implemented as the Norwegian Defence only Geodata management solution, managing all Geodata. GT manages all GEO & METOC information since 2016 on three security levels under a 10 years maintenance contract.

”T-Kartor are providing aeronautical update services according to AIRAC to the Norwegian Air Force together with printed charts and other Digital Geographic Information. T-Kartor’s capability to deliver additional services related to ongoing Research & Development is also noteworthy.”

Kjetil Utne
Former director FMGT, Norwegian Defence

We create and maintain geographical information, maps and charts – and always strive to develop innovative solutions.

Sweden (HQ)

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Great Britain

T-Kartor GB, Ltd.
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