Geospatial Solutions

Geospatial Solutions

T-Kartor has developed services and platforms to provide highly secure online delivery of geospatial information. This allows our customers to access their GIS database from anywhere with a standard web browser, extending powerful services greater than a traditional GIS system. These services include web crawling, merging multiple data sources and inclusion of any file type…

We have implemented advanced customer solutions such as ‘GT’ and ‘SIGRID’, an extension of GT, (described below), where military grade security is applied to provide thousands of troops with access to advanced geographical and meteorological services in the field, allowing all forces to visualise the same version of ‘truth’.

Implementation: GT

GT is a successful operational solution for high security web delivery of geospatial information. It was developed by T-Kartor and delivered to the Norwegian defence, FMGT in 2015. GT enables secure Multi-INT management for mission-critical decision making, and integrates geospatial, meteorological and oceanographic information in the same system. Assured content is synchronised across online and offline networks, allowing one time content validation for all security levels.

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Implementation: SIGRID

Sigrid is a flexible mission focussed system which allows ‘boots on the ground’ data to be integrated with the central foundation data store and delivering near-real-time intelligence.

SIGRID is a combination of the GT solution with Web/Native 3D clients and it is integrated with intelligence data that offers step changing capability enhancement to mission planning and rehearsal, execution, command and control and after action review. SIGRID is equally applicable to training as operations, offering a true ‘train as you fight’ solution for enhanced tempo in the close contact environment.

Web Portals

T-Kartor’s web portals allow our customers to manage their mapping assets by providing an online interface for stakeholder collaboration, cartographic database content management and asset management. Our portals allow full insight into the maintenance and management of the database, including basemap development/updates, product outputs and update planning.

Implementation: LLAMA
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The Legible London Advanced Mapping Application allows Transport for London (TfL) full insight into T-Kartor maintenance of their Legible London database, including basemap updates tracking. The full extent of the basemap can be planned via the LLAMA and growth managed in stages. This was valuable during the development of the London 2012 Olympic Park and the current basemap extension to accommodate the Crossrail Network.

As products are extracted from the Legible London database, these are added to the LLAMA system to provide a powerful online asset management tool. TfL use the asset management tool to allocate resources efficiently when planning information product updates.