City Wayfinding

City Wayfinding

T-Kartor produces City Wayfinding and Integrated Public Transport information to help people navigate their way through the city in a sustainable way.

Our best practise experience helps create Connected Cities with improved public spaces by encouraging walking, cycling and public transport.


  • Improve connectivity between places by encouraging people to walk
  • Increase knowledge of improved public spaces for social cohesion and pride
  • Encourage visitors to explore key areas and increase footfall


  • Encourage cycling as a sustainable mode of transport by making it a more attractive, simpler alternative to private car use
  • Showcase investments in cycling infrastructure on maps in prominent places across the system


  • Improve connectivity and inter-modality across the region
  • Help visitors and commuters understand complex choices and encourage them to choose sustainable options
  • Link transport nodes with a consistent mapping style and simple, coherent information


  • Feed a range of applications with the same consistent basemap across the system
  • Build a flexible, scalable system that will be ready for the future of sustainable mobility

Integrated Public Transport Information

TK provides legible, understandable passenger information with the power to influence behaviour and increase passenger volumes. This information clarifies a complex system, providing choice and increasing travel options.

Our transport information highlights the benefits and ease of use inherent in sustainable travel choices, at the same time publicising system improvements as they are achieved. Information thus removes barriers and provides incentives, which in turn leads to increased patronage.

Information for every stage of the journey

A core principle is that our information is focused on each stage of the journey, providing specific user centric design for each transport mode from the same consistent base. This is made apparent at multi-modal interchanges, where onward travel information is provided for pedestrians, cyclists, bus, train, tram, ferry etc.

Brand consistency and dependability

A second principle is to create a consistent family of passenger information products which become associated with regular updates, accuracy and dependability. This is achieved by data driven production workflows which provide low cost updated products created accurately from the latest live data.

Automation and change detection

Our production platform is based on automated workflows and integration with live transport data. This allows us to offer fully- or semi-automated products. Online asset management and data change detection gives our customers a powerful overview of products in the system and updates required.