About T-Kartor

T-Kartor is an agile, innovative small business combining diverse cartographic, GIS and programming skills coupled with domain expertise to deliver high quality, affordable solutions.

T-Kartor AB, a privately owned entity, was founded in Kristianstad in southern Sweden in 1985 using computers to create maps in a more efficient way. T-Kartor has since then enjoyed constant growth and now have more than 80 employees in five countries; Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK and USA.

Geospatial solutions

Our geospatial products and services have regularly won top international awards recognising design and graphic quality and the data-driven processes we have pioneered and continue to develop.
We have always offered tailored service to individual, valued customers, with specialised implementations to suit specific environments and workflows. Currently we are focused heavily on web-based delivery of geographic information to suit rapidly expanding needs.

Outsourced map production

T-Kartor creates maps and charts for the U.S. military utilising the same technology that we have applied to mapping for more than a decade with European military organisations. Utilising our Seamless CPS technology, an average base map or chart can be completed in much less time than when using traditional cartographic methodologies. The product can then be kept in a ‘data-current’ state and is available at all times as a Product-on-Demand (POD) download. This technology allows for highly cost-effective and efficient chart production. Our data-driven approach means an outstanding level of readiness.

City Wayfinding

We have applied our data-driven cartography approach to mapping for sustainable mobility in cities. A seamless wayfinding basemap is created as a core information asset for a city and carefully maintained in a master database to retain its value.
A myriad product types and thousands of products can be affordably created and regularly updated from the same system, providing a large volume of accurate, dependable information with which to influence behaviour and improve a city’s public spaces.

Integrated public transport information

Our passenger transport information simplifies complex travel options, removing barriers to using public transport systems which in turn increases patronage. We draw benefit from over 15 years serving Transport for London and experience from a large number of international cities, large and small. We pride ourselves on finding the best solution for each city, together with local transport experts.
Increasingly popular is our ability to automate transport information products for fast, affordable updates with integrated live digital information.

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